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As the ashes of the Great War of the Five Kings settled, the realm finally saw peace. Lucerys of the House Targaryen, Sixth of His Name, after the feast for crows had ended, ascended to the throne after years of fighting. The usurpers, Stannis Baratheon and his nephew, Tommen perished amongst the snows of the long winter. Dragons survive, though, and Aegon married Daenerys Targaryen, and reforged the Targaryen dynasty after the War of the Usurper. He reforged the seven kingdoms through peace, though some fire was breathed. The houses Greyjoy and other minor houses were decimated by Aegon Targaryen and his Dragon Wife… and under the shade of Drogon, the great dragon, no one dared rebel for how long that dragon lived.

Under Rickon of the House Stark, the north saw the Lord Paramounts who had ruled over them for so long once again. Though the Starks had sided with Robert Baratheon in the war of the usurper, Aegon, in his peacefulness, gave the starks mercy, and drew back the boltons back to their home, the dreadfort. In the Riverlands, Brynden Tully emerged in a small rebellion against the Freys, who, against the north and Riverlands, almost immediately surrendered. Thus, Aegon Targaryen raised Brynden Tully to Lord Paramount of the Trident over Petyr Baelish, who had been gifted his position by the usurper’s dogs. Tyrion Lannister, after the decimation of his family, was given the title of Warden of the West after the dust had settled. The main Lannister line has since continued under his ancestory.

Those who had aided Aegon Targaryen in his conquest were rewarded as much as those were in Aegon I Targaryen’s conquest. The Houses Martell, Tyrell and Connington were raised to new heights, with Connington gifted the position of Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, and Tyrell was gifted their first Valyrian Steel sword, Widow’s Wail, for being loyal even since the War of the Usurper, and have since renamed the blade Red Rose. Martell was gifted Nightsong, as a reward for their support, expanding the borders of Dorne.

Petyr Baelish lived to claim Harrenhal and supported King Aegon during the war. He returned to King's Landing as Master of Coin for a time, but after a failed plot to kill the King’s Hand was discovered by the King, he was executed. He had a bastard daughter during his time in King’s Landing.

His bastard daughter, Catelyn went back to the Finger's and claimed her father’s land after he died, King Aegon in his mercy legitimizing her as Catelyn Baelish.

The Dragonhilt Valyrian Steel dagger, was gifted to House Royce, but on Nestor's dying words, he gifted the blade to Robert Arryn out of respect for the boy who had grown from a young man to a gallant knight.

After Petyr Baelish’s execution, King Aegon gifted Harrenhal to Jon Lothston, who had fought in the Golden Company and supported Aegon during the invasion. House Lothston now holds Harrenhal as their ancestral seat.

Three-hundred and four years have passed since the Song of Ice and Fire had ended. But a new song begins, with the crowning of Lucerys of the House Targaryen. His may be a legacy of conquest, or a legacy of peace. Lords will rise and lords will fall. Some may try and take advantage of the new king, though some will be quick to realize:

When you play the Game of Thrones, you Win, or you Die.

There is no middle ground.

A Song Begins

604 AL

Fall has arrived in Westeros as the snow settles in around the Neck.

To celebrate the coronation of the king, Lucerys Targaryen summoned lords from all around the realm to attend his coronation feast. Despite the surprisingly cheerful mood of the feast, Lord Rodwell Stark was poisoned, sending the feast into chaos, with accusers throwing accusations to everyone, trying to find out who had killed the Stark lord. In a rush, the King gathered his Lord Paramounts to emphasize that he did not kill the king. In the chaos, most of the Northern lords disappeared from the hall, including Cedrik Bolton, the Master of Whispers under the king.

That night, the crown prince, Viserys Targaryen attempted to assault Lady Serra Tyrell after bringing her to his chambers. After biting the prince, and a timely intervention by Sarelle Lannister and her brother, Garlan Tyrell, Lord Garth Tyrell confronted the king upon his son's actions. The King expressed his concern and disciplined Viserys apropriately.

With most of the lord of King's Landing gone, Lord Edric Connington stepped down as Hand. In attempts to get a new hand back, Lucerys Targaryen summoned Garth Tyrell to his chambers to ask if he'd like to be hand. Their conversation was short and swift, with a compromise agreeing to a pact that Viserys Targaryen was no longer in line for the throne, his second son, Gaemon, being heir instead, and a marriage pact between Daenys Targaryen and one of the three Tyrell children.

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