This list is for all main(flaired) characters that are being actively played, have been previously played, or are established and open, and who plays them. Please sort your character by region of where their House seat is.

Westeros Edit

The Crownlands Edit

King's Landing - Targaryen

King Lucerys Targaryen - played by /u/SonofBear

Princess Daenys Targaryen - played by /u/DaenysT (Ellaria Martell)

Ser Corlys Velaryon - played by (open)

Nymeria Waters - played by /u/NymeriaWaters (Mina Redwyne)

High Septon "The Bloody One" - played by /u/HypeSepton (Edwyn Frey)

Yoren "the Fox" - played by /u/yorenthefox

Ser Florian Corbray - played by (open)

Pate Slynt - played by /u/Friendly_Jackoclypse

King Steffon "Storm" Baratheon - played by /u/Shaznash

Dragonstone - Targaryen

Prince Viserys Targaryen - played by /u/VisTarg (Lucerys Targaryen)

Duskendale - Baratheon

Raharys - played by /u/TheBurningPriest (Steffon Storm)

Claw Isle - Celtigar

Lady Cerenna Celtigar - played by /u/VanDroombeeld

Sweetport Sound - Codd

Lord Cotter Codd - played by /u/WillingWillas

Driftmark - Velaryon

Maegor Waters, Bastard of Driftmark - played by /u/eli-eli

Dorne Edit

Sunspear - Martell

Princess Ellaria Martell - played by /u/katsumisora

Yronwood - Yronwood

Lord Quentyn Yronwood - played by /u/asoiafrp

Starfall - Dayne

Ser Addam Dayne - played by /u/BlainetheHisoka

The Iron Islands Edit

Ten Towers - Harlaw

Lord Paramount Beron Harlaw - played by u/HectorTros

Anarya Harlaw - played by (open)

Driftwood Mack - played by /u/DriftwoodMack (Cotter Codd)

Pyke - Volmark

Lord Torgon Volmark - played by /u/DrownedGodWatching (Sarelle Lannister)

The North Edit

Winterfell - Stark

King Walton Stark - played by /u/PartyInDaNorf (Brandon Stark)

Prince Brandon Stark - played by /u/Ankerholm

Rickard Snow - played by /u/kingbrunies

Dreadfort - Bolton

Lord Cedrik Bolton - played by /u/lord_redwyne

Devan Bolton - played by /u/DevanBolton (Cedrik Bolton)

Ramsay Snow - played by /u/FlayinTheLive (Edwyn Frey)

Karhold - Karstark

Aria Karstark - played by /u/ASongOfSwordAndBoard (Serra Tyrell)

Bear Island - Mormont

Lord Gared Mormont - played by /u/SomthingRoyal

White Harbor - Manderly

Lord Harold Manderly - played by /u/SomeThingCrazyy

Lord Edrick Stark - played by /u/zmajxd

Last Hearth - Umber

Lord Qhorin Umber - played by /u/Pixelenemy1

Mountain Clans - Liddle

Torren Liddle - played by /u/TorrenTorrenTorren (Brandon Stark)

Barrowlands - Dustin

Lord Rickard Dustin - played by /u/RickardDustin (Beron Harlaw)

Greywater Watch - Reed


The Reach Edit

Highgarden - Tyrell

Lord Paramount Garth Tyrell - played by /u/GarthyOs (Serra Tyrell)

Garlan Tyrell - played by /u/Khain364

Mace Tyrell - played by /u/MacecismIsMean (Edwyn Frey)

Dake Tyrell - played by /u/SassyTyrell (Cedrik Bolton)

Serra Tyrell - played by /u/ValyrianEyes

Old Oak - Oakheart

Ser Edmund Oakheart - played by /u/Adamixos (Obbarak)

Oldtown - Hightower

Lord Dareon Hightower(RIP) - played by /u/soberwolf233 (Symeon Skyborn)

Lord Clement Vrywel - played by /u/VrywelHype (Cedrik Bolton)

The Arbor - Redwyne

Mina Redwyne - played by /u/Lannitarg

Longtable - Merryweather

Lord Owayne Merryweather - played by /u/RoughFudge

Horn Hill - Tarly

Lord Olyvar Tarly - played by /u/HiddenGayCO

Allyria "Flowers" Tarly - played by /u/AnimeKilljoy

The Riverlands Edit

Riverrun - Tully

Captain Rivers - played by /u/CaptRivers

The Twins - Frey

Lord Regent Edwyn Frey - played by /u/GoldenhandTheJust

Raventree Hall - Blackwood

Lord Brynden Blackwood - played by /u/GraniteStateOfMind

Harrenhal - Lothston

Lord Bryen Lothston - played by /u/CurseofHarrenHarrenhal (Brandon Stark)

Stone Hedge - Bracken

Lord Danos Bracken  - played by /u/Elijah_ (Maegor Waters)

The Stormlands Edit

Storm's End - Connington

Lord Paramount Edric Connington - played by /u/EdricConnington (Brynden Blackwood)

Ser Dane Tarth - played by /u/Reserved

Blackhaven - Dondarrion

Adela Dondarrion - played by /u/Lady_Lightning (Brynden Blackwood)

Greenstone - Estermont

Sebastian Estermont - played by (open)

Summerhall - Targaryen

Prince Baelon Targaryen - played by /u/Paul_infamous-12

Stonehelm - Swann

Rhaegar Storm - played by (open)

The Vale Edit

The Eyrie - Arryn

Lord Paramount Ronnel Arryn - played by /u/Quartz-N-Quarks

Aemma Arryn - played by /u/AemArr (Ronnel Arryn)

Symeon Skyborn - played by /u/soberwolf233

Runestone - Royce

Lord Talyn Royce - played by /u/mormegil3

The Fingers - Baelish

Lady Myrcella Baelish - played by /u/MercyMockingbird (Serra Tyrell)

The WesterlandsEdit

Casterly Rock - Lannister of Casterly Rock

Lord Paramount Tybolt Lannister(RIP) - played by (open)

Martesse Lannister - played by /u/Enige

Tommen III Lannister - played by /u/ShawnHeatherly

Tytos Lannister - played by (open)

Sarelle Lannister - played by /u/OldGodsWatching

Ser Marron Marbrand - played by /u/Myarwyck (Symeon Skyborn)

Castamere - Spicer

Lord Byron Spicer - played by /u/catfishyrp

Golden Tooth

Lord Addam Lefford - played by /u/Orion_is_the_Key

The Wall and BeyondEdit

Night's Watch

Lord Commander Garris - played by /u/kingbrunies2

Clan Rodir

Rodrik - played by /u/TheDerpyDonut

Clan Thenn

Varamyr of Thenn - played by /u/ChukNoris

Essos Edit

Braavos Edit

Sealord Joss Tagganaro - played by /u/NewWorldFlame

Darros Seven-Songs - played by /u/darros-sonof-darrion (Gared Mormont)

Tristifer Snow - played by /u/DaGhostMan (Steffon Storm)


Elena Arazni - played by /u/arazni

Alysandra Syli - played by /u/Alysandra_Syli (Ellaria Martell)




Lord Dale Seaworth - played by /u/MightBeAJerk

The Stepstones

Pirate King Jacearys Waters - played by /u/Pirate_B00ty (Qhorin Umber)


Good Master Obbarak - played by /u/Reserved

Leda Selmy - played by /u/Leda_Selmy (Elena Arazni)

Cassilla Clay - played by /u/CassiClayHooray (Serra Tyrell)

Avvasi - played by /u/AlmightyEnige (Martesse Lannister)

Zarollo - played by /u/Zarollo (Cedrik Bolton)

Maric Swann - played by /u/NewGodsWatching (Sarelle Lannister)

The Dothraki Sea

Devvaya - played by /u/FiligreeRP (Mina Redwyne)