Aemma Arryn Edit

Aemma Arryn a Lady of House Arryn, the great house of the Vale, and sister to Lord Paramount Ronnel Arryn.


History Edit

Aemma Arryn is a little over a year younger than her brother, Ronnel. Being close in age lead to their being a close bond and a sense of understanding between the two of them from a young age and onward.The later part of their childhood was one of the roughest moments for them with the sudden loss of their uncle Jon, at sea in a winter storm. The year after, their mother, Lady Tarysa Arryn ran out into a snowstorm and froze to death. The reason for her death remained a mystery, and Aemma and her siblings were increasingly raised by their father, and Maester Andrik. Aemma and Ronnel were good friends with the Martell children due to their fathers' friendship. The freindship made the sudden death of Prince Olyvar Martell all the more hurtful for the Arryns. Aemma's father Lord Artys would eventually succumb to his depression and leap through the Moon Door. His death occurred at roughly the same time as the death of King Aemond. Aemma attended the feast celebrating the coronation of King Lucerys along with her brother. At this feast, Aemma's uncle and aunt, Rodwell and Anya Stark, were poisoned. During their stay in King's Landing, Aemma began to have dreams in the night. Despite their Andal purity, the Arryns are likely the most Valyrian of the great houses. Rather than returning to the Vale with her brother, Aemma sailed to Dragonstone to understand her visions. She met Prince Viserys who thought her a liar and had her imprisoned.

Appearance and Character Edit

Deep brown of her hair like her siblings, Aemma has small blonde streaks in her hair. She has deep brown eyes and while shorter than her brother, still fairly tall.

Aemma is deeply curious often going too far in her various investigations. She and Ronnel nearly severely injured themselves while exploring outside the Eyrie on the mountain.

Family Edit

Arys Arryn, Father - Deceased

Tarysa Arryn born Donniger, Mother - Deceased

Ronnel Arryn, Brother - 17

Aemma Arryn - 16

Elene Arryn, Sister - 14

Jon Arryn, Brother - 12

Anya Stark born Arryn, Aunt -Deceased

Jon Arryn, Uncle -Deceased

Jasper Arryn of Gulltown, Cousin - 26

Triston Arryn of Gulltown, Cousin - 23