Aria Karstark is the first born daughter and twin to Victaria Karstark. She is the eldest of her generation at twenty-seven.

Characteristics Edit

Aria is twenty-seven years old, slim and slender as a willow, similar to her sister. She has wavy and deep auburn hair that curls into large ringlets near the bottom, and she often wears unique designs upon the top of her head, slitting into one large tuft of hair behind her head. She has deep, almost ethereal eyes, high cheekbones, and full pink lips. She is fond of darker colors that compliment her auburn hair, and carries around a shortsword and a longsword, never wearing more than one at a time, as well as shield to wield with her shortsword. Due to her frame, she is not strong enough to wield a longsword and a shield at a same time.

Aria grew up a wolf of the north much like her counter-parts in the Starks. She has skin like iron, breaking before it bend, and she is headstrong, willfull, courageous, and hot-tempered. She was lucky enough that her father allowed her to carry a sword from young age, favoring those over the typical lady-like practices.

History Edit

Aria Karstark was born during early spring after a winter, the firstborn child of Lord Rickard Karstark and Lady Myranda Flynt. She was born sixty seconds ahead of her younger sister, Victaria, though the minimal difference in age scarcely effected them. At the ages of five, both Karstark children welcomed to the world a baby brother, Cregan. Though it took a while for the child to grow, the three children found a fondness in swordplay.

Despite their father's best wishes, he allowed Aria and Victaria to practice what they would under the master at arms for Karhold. Where Victaria excelled at daggers, Aria was well pronounced with the short sword, longsword, and shield, having both the slim frame to swing elegantly, and the conviction to swing brutally too. Cregan showed eventual distaste for swordplay however, favoring books and pensmanship more than swords. Aria teased her brother for this, and the two eventually grew apart because of it.

Aria grew up training as a swordsman, and soon become excellent at the short sword, even defeating the master at arms at one point, though failing to do so afterwards. At one point in her teenage years, Aria fell deeply infatuated with one of the ladies who had came to visit their family for a potential betrothal. These are when the rumors began of Aria's questionable sexuality - having lost her maidenhead several nights after meeting the woman.

When her father found out, the betrothal was cancelled, and he vowed that no one except those in the castle would know. To seethe his rage, he went on a hunt into the woods outside of Karhold, and returned two days later, having been mauled by a bear after drinking too much wine and assaulting it head on. When he returned, Aria saw him laying on a bed of blood. He was dying, and with his last breaths he disowned Aria for what she had done, spitting out that it was her fault that this had all happened.

Her father passed not a day after their small exchange, and Aria fell into a depression afterwards. Her brother and sister didn't seem to care for who she was - nor did her mother, but her sister was the first one to comfort her, telling her that she had been getting vaguely similar thoughts. Despite her sisters words of comfort, Aria took a year to move out of her depression.

Afterwards, Aria had yet to leave Karhold. She trained day in and day out whilst her sister worked with the maester, more entwined with studying than fighting. Over the past few years, however, Aria has slowly moved away from fighting, learning to enjoy a more lady-like side of life.

Immediate Family Edit

Victaria Karstark - Younger Twin by a minute.

Cregan Karstark - Younger brother by five years.

Lya Karstark - Mother, twenty years older than Aria.