Baelon TargaryenEdit


Prince Baelon Targaryen was the youngest of three children to Aemond and Elaena Targaryen. When he was born his brother Lucerys had already tamed the last dragon. This made him extremely resentful and jealous of his brother.

Even more so when he ended up marrying their sister and produced daughters to marry of his own children rather than his brother. As a result he has become obsessed with hatching his own dragons in Summerhall. Always sleeping with an egg in his bed as if its his own wife.

Ever since he learned the manners which Danerys learned to hatch her dragons he constantly tries to burn himself. Claiming that eventually he will be a true Dragon. He thinks he is smarter than the other mad Targaryens who fully tried to burn themselves in hatching their eggs. instead he burns his hands and other body parts little by little to build tolerance over time. Hopying that one day the pain would pay off and transform him into a true dragon.

He was given Summerhall by his father when rumours began to spread of his madness in the Red Keep. RUmors that ranged from running naked across the castle and trying to burn whores to hatch his egg. To escape from the shame King Aemond gave him the haunted castle of Summerhall.

The place had earned an eerie reputation. Ever since the Tragedy of Summerhall the place has been known to be cursed similar to Harrenhall. Any Targaryen that held it would eventually meet an uncomfortable demise. Some say it was the sole reason the King gave the castle away.

Baelon Targayen was eventually brought to the Feast celebrating the Coronation of his brother King Lucerys. He attempted to gift a bucket of leeches to his brother and sister, the new King and Queen. He was threatened in the corridors at knifepoint by his nephew Viserys. Viserys then told him that he was being offered the crown wich sent him running off. Later in a bar Baelon started a riot among the smallfolk which marched to the Great Sept of Baelor. The riot caused a small amount of arson damage to the sept. The riot then moved down the Street of Sisters towards the Dragonpit. Baelon fashioned himself Baelor "the Blessed" reborn and wished to ride the dragon Vermithor. Baelon and his riot were stopped by Commander Florian Corbray and the Goldcloaks. Baelon was imprisoned for his revolt and put in the dungeons of the Red Keep. Baelon was later freed by his nephew, Viserys, and brought to Dragonstone.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Baelon has silver-blond hair like all Targaryens. He has a long growing beard. He has a feeble and frail body with a gaunt face. Small burns on body.


King Aemond Targaryen, Father -

Queen Elaena Targaryen, Mother -

Lucerys Targeryen, Brother - 39

Aelyx Targaryen, Sister - 33

Baelon Targaryen - 28

Viserys Tagaryen, Nephew - 19

Daenys Targaryen, Niece - 17

Gaemon Targaryen, Nephew - 9

Maegon Targaryen, Niece - 9