Cassi Clay

Cassi Clay is a Westerosi Slave serving in Astapor as a servant for Lord Obarak.

Biography Edit

Cassi Clay was conceived on the eve of a winter’s night during a deep snowstorm at a Tavern in the Neck. Whether she was conceived from a highborn or not was unknown, not that it would have mattered, her mother, no more than a good-looking smallfolk woman, started moving south to avoid the winds of winter a few months into her pregnancy, fearing that her malnutrition due to the cold would’ve affected her child’s health. Through the snows, it was a long journey south, and a snowed in Riverrun had kept them from advancing any further for a month. During this time, her mother had wished for a son that would beat back the cold.

Though the winter had beaten them down, her mother’s convoy continued, until just shy of King’s Landing, at the inn at the crossroads, her mother gave birth to her during a snowstorm that ended up killing any men who would dare go outside. During this snowstorm, her mother got gravely ill from the weakness that childbirth had brought her. Combined with the constant shrieking of her daughter, her mother began wishing that it had been a quiet son, instead of a screaming daughter.

Her mother hadn’t given her a name until the snowstorm had passed, and while her slave name is all she knows, Cassi was originally given the name Rosey, because after the storm, her mother had surprisingly recovered. The rest of the winter was fairly comely, especially as they moved further south, eventually settling in a small village just north of Gryphon’s Roost. It was here that her mother would raise her daughter, who was already almost a year old.

Her earliest years were fairly uneventful. Raised without a last name and no titles that came with it, Rosey was a simple lowborn girl. Her mother who had bore her eventually fall in leagues with another man, who had been infertile and unable to produce children. Her mother was already able to move past this, and the man that fell in love with her vowed that he would raise Rosey as his own. Being the only real father figure in her life, Rosey grew up loving the man for who he was - despite not knowing that he wasn’t her real father. Cassi is scarcely able to remember the memories of her father, and is only able to recall well when he would pick her up and toss her around in his arms.

There was something hidden about her father in all but seed - the three became inseparably close over time, and when Rosey was four years of age, he brought her south to plankytown, to buy some sweets from Lys. They quickly ran out of money before long, and they returned north with three boxes of sweets, which the family enjoyed immensely within a week.

Rosey began to show promise in what she did. She helped the women of the village tend the gardens, and even earned the privilege of working for one of the wealthy traders in the small village, earning both his respect for being such a well-taught young lady. However, over the course of the next year, things started to worsen. Despite summer on it’s way, the rains had come, and on a particularly bad day, when the rains were pouring and during busy hours, Rosey got lost in the market, and a strange man grabbed her by the mouth and pulled her into a dark alley, where she couldn’t scream. They didn’t explain who they were, or what they wanted, they fed her several droplets of sweetsleep, which put her into a long, dreamless sleep.

It isn’t known what happened between the time Rosey fell asleep and the time she woke up, though it was obvious that the storm had subsided, and the wood was rocking below her. She didn’t wear the dress she had been wearing before, nothing more than simple rags to cover her body, and her wrists and ancles hurt too.

Because her wrist was chained to the wall, her ankles heavy with iron balls attached to them.

They didn’t feed her along the trip, leaving her to beg for food when they finally brought her above into the sunlight once more. Her wrist that had been chained to the wall had bled profusely, and threatened infection if it wasn’t treated, so it was simply douced in alcohol with a simple bandage to put over it.

It didn’t take her long to figure out she wasn’t in Westeros any more. On the eve of her second day in Tyrosh, she learned where she was, and what was going to happen to her. In front of a crowd of hundreds, Rosey was told to abandon her name. So she did, but she did not choose a name. Instead, she was given a simple name - Clay. She was sold after the slave’s mark was branded upon her, her shrieks echoing through the marketplace of Tyrosh. She was sold to a simple man of Volantis, who had wished to convert her to being a red temple slave. He didn’t treat her right at all, and on his quest to buy more slaves, Rosey had gotten ahold of a knife, and stabbed her new slave master, though she didn’t get far.

For her insolence, and for almost killing the man, Clay was whipped, not publicly, for what she had done. Despite her age - the men of Tyrosh didn’t care, and she was again sold to a much higher buyer in Lys, who had other intentions.

Clay’s departure to Lys had brought the last of her suffering, the pain eventually subsiding on the ship there. Her master explained to her what being a slave meant, how she’d live, how she’d eat, how she’d be trained. He vowed to her that so long as she didn’t do any bad, he wouldn’t do any bad to her.

Despite both their promises to not do bad, they fell on deaf ears. In Lys, she was immediately brought into a brothel to begin her training. Surrounded by many other young women - freed, or slaves, the older ones were vicious in their teachings. Clay spent six years training how to please a man, and in that time, the world had not been kind to her. She found herself missing home more and more, and despite how much she wanted to run away, she knew what entailed. She was a rational young girl.

Clay didn’t touch a man until she was twelve. Even then, no man went below the waist until she was thirteen - when she first bled. A frequent client of hers, a man of modest means who had been trying to buy and sell slaves gave her the name Cassi, which Clay molded into Cassi Clay, no more than a whore’s name, but she quickly became well known for it. Due to her emotion and passion from training for several years, Cassi Clay became a well known slave around Lys. The prices to bed her steadily went up, until men were throwing hundreds of silver at a time to bed her.

Despite her fame, Cassi Clay found herself in a deep depression, a lack of self-worth slowly filling her soul after she had begun bedding so many men. She had been making money for her master though, and that was the only thought that kept her alive.

It also ruined her.

On the eve of her fifteenth nameday was Cassi Clay asleep in her bed when several of her lysene counterparts dragged her out into the streets and put a knife to her throat. They demanded a reason to keep her alive, and Cassi could give none. In fact, in the moment, Cassi had forgotten all the brighter sides of life. She begged for death.

They wouldn’t give it to her. They stripped her naked and brought her to another slaver. They offered her for free - and the slaver did take her for no money. He put her aboard his ship, and the nine years she had spent in Lys faded.

Astapor was their destination.

In chains once more, Cassi Clay had begun her life anew. Sold to Obarak for a minimal cost, no more than it did to feed her on her trip, Cassi was a slave once again - no longer a sexual one either, just a simple servant under the great master. She had no friends in Astapor, though eventually she had begun to plot an escape. Where life had been decent in Lys, life was horrible in Astapor. She was fed minimally, often in small amounts and one meal a day. She didn’t know Ghiscari, or the common tongue or Low Valyrian, but luckily enough scholars of the slaves had taught her enough to understand what she was being commanded to do.

A year after her initial arrival in Astapor, Cassi Clay attempted to escape to anywhere but Astapor. She wandered the streets at night, but was eventually caught in a failed attempt to get over the walls. In the day afterwards, Cassi was flogged naked in the great plaza of astapor, for everyone to see, and left up for an evening. As she was taken down the agony had returned to her once more, and her screams echoed for several days before the wounds had finally closed.

Surprisingly, she was more well treated than before. More food - more everything in general, Cassi began to get close to the only free man in Astapor, Obarak, and Leda Selmy as well. Slowly, Cassi Clay moved up positioning to Obarak’s personal servant, laying with him on nights in which he desired comfort.

Personality Edit

Cassi Clay is a cautious woman, having learned her lession after being flogged, she is no more than a passive woman, one to not express her opinion, keeping her thoughts bundled up inside her unless her master would so wish her opinion. She keeps a friendly attitude despite what she is - a slave, and keeps a faked smile about her at all times - something she learned quite well as a slave in Lys.

Cassi is uncommonly detached from her history. She scarcely remembers anything before Lys, only able to recall that her father would toss her around and shower her with love when she was young. She believes that every lashing she received ridded her of her stained past. She does not remember anything about her original name other than that it started with R.

Cassi is otherwise quiet and obedient, having spent almost one and a half decades in slavery.

Appearence Edit

Cassi Clay is a comely looking woman, with a thick, round face, soft lips, budding nose, and black, curly hair. Her eyebrows are thick to match with her gray eyes. Despite the scarring on her flesh, Cassi is traditionally beautiful, with a round body, beautiful smile and gentle, ethereal eyes. Keeping her scarring well hidden, they are generally left unseen unless she is naked. She had a slave brand on her back, as well as multiple whipping scars. She has small scars on her wrists and ankles from the constant gnashing of chains.

Cassi is typically seen wearing a slave robe, one that exposes almost no parts of her body except her head, arms, and belly. She consistently wears a collar unless it pleases her masters to take it off.