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Cedrik Bolton was born the first son of Tibalt Bolton and Wylla Tallhart. He grew up with seven siblings, him being the only son. His sisters were married off one by one, to numerous northern families and several ones in the Riverlands. Cedrik was a ward of Lord Stark, who had the aspiration of uniting the north even more and wanted to calm animosity between the two houses that have been vying for power for thousands of years. Cedrik grew up close to Rodwell Stark, the two viewing themselves as brothers. At the age of 18 he went back to the dreadfort, and back under the buckle of his father. Tibalt hammered Cedrik with the idea of "family is everything" along with the idea that the boltons are the rightful rulers of the north. Cedrik took these feelings to heart, although he remained a close friend to Rodwell. Tibalt died of a crippling case of gout, and his last words to Cedrik were "our blades are sharp." Cedrik was made lord of the dreadfort at the tender age of 23 and has held it until his current age of 45. At the age of 44 Cedrik, having made somewhat close friends with King Aemond Targaryen, and he was named to the council as Master of Whisperers.

Cedrik married Sansa Lannister at the age of 24, a young blonde haired beauty, and the two had four children. Two were boys, two girls. Their first son was born with golden locks, named Daven. Their next two offspring were both girls, with shining golden locks also. They were named Elinor and Lia. Their last child was a boy with black hair, a quiet one named Jorah.

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