House Celtigar

Lord: Lady Cerenna Celtigar
Heir: Cynric Celtigar
Seat: Claw Isle
Lands: Claw Isle, Crackclaw Point
Titles: Lord of The Claw
Overlord: House Targaryen
Allies: House Velaryon

House Celtigar is an ancient and proud house, with the blood of Old Valyria in its veins - similar to Velaryon. They rule over Claw Isle, a small island in the Narrow Sea off the coast of Crackclaw Point. The Celtigars are sworn to Dragonstone within the Crownlands. House Celtigar also claims dominion over Crackclaw Point.

The Celtigars have honoured a close bond with House Targaryen for centuries. Many members have served as Kingsguard or been advisors on the Small Council - homage to their loyalty to the dragons.

Their arms depict red crabs strewn on white, but their words remain unknown.

Seat Edit

Claw Isle Edit

A small island directly off the coast of Westeros in the Narrow Sea, Claw Isle lies a few hours sail north from Dragonstone and Driftmark. The people of Crackclaw Point refer to the island as Crab Isle.


The Celtigars' castle is rumoured to hold fabulous treasures that bear witness to their wealth. Among Claw Isles' property there are Myrish carpets, Volantene glass, gold and silver plates, jeweled cups, magnificent hawks, a trained sea eagle, an axe of Valyrian steel, chests of rubies, a horn said to summon krakens from under the sea, and many fine wines.



Caspian Celtigar - Deceased / Rhaenya Celtigar (Née Targaryen) - Deceased

-Calhoun Celtigar - Twin - Deceased / Ambrean Celtigar (Née Velaryon) - Deceased

--Coulric Celtigar - 28 - male - Deceased +12
--Carlt Celtigar - 23 - male - Deceased +5
--Cerenna Celtigar - Lady of the Claw Isles - 35 / Celton Celtigar - Deceased
---Cynric - First born son - Twin - 17
---Cydrik - Second born son - Twin - 17
---Cassana - First born daughter - 15
---Cossima - Second born daughter - 13
---Claiborne - Third born daughter - 6
--Cynthea - Female - Unknown
--Cleas - Female - 29
--Cedria - Female - 28
--Caraleen - Female - 26

-Charlton Celtigar - Twin - Deceased / Wife - Deceased
--Chesterton Celtigar - Deceased / Wife
---Daughters or Bastards

-Adria Velaryon (Née Celtigar) - Deceased / Monford - Deceased
--Laenor Velaryon -Deceased / Elaena Velaryon - Regent of Driftmark
---Daemon Velaryon
---Maegor Waters (Bastard)
--Corlys Velaryon - Lord of Driftmark
--Vaelena Velaryon

-Corbeen Celtigar - Deceased / Wife - Deceased
--Celton Celtigar - 46 - Deceased / Cerenna Celtigar
--Daughters or Bastards

History Edit

Prior to the First Era Edit

The Celtigar family has for the last few decades been very keen on replenishing and purifying the Celtigar line with the old valyrian blood that still connects them, much more closely with the Royal Targaryens, then most. From only wedding those of Valyrian ancestry, to when able - the coupling of cousins, the family takes pride in this. Though as a result, more and more strange personality quirks, and health issues, have started appearing among the family members, as well as the likely hood of twins appearing.

First Era Edit

604 AC -