Cotter Codd is the Lord of Sweetport Sound. He is nine and ten.


Cotter Codd is tanned from his years on the deck of ships. Codd is brown of hair, and keeps it short. He has no beard. He is approximately 5'10. As with most of the men of House Codd, he trained to be ambidextrous, after the legend of Left-Hand Lucas Codd. He is no great beauty, but possesses a certain brute charisma. Lord Cotter's only distinctive feature is his Valyrian Steel fishing hook earring, which he got made during one of his many journeys to the Free Cities.


House Codd's words had always been true. Back in the Iron Islands, every noble despised them due to their ancestry of saltwives and thralls. Being direct and loyal vassals to the noble Targaryens of Dragonstone, however, had changed the meaning. Though small, House Codd was now drawing the jealousy of some older houses that had inhabited the Dragonstone region for many generations.

House Codd came into possession of the ancestral seat of House Sunglass through the extinction of the latter during the reconquest by King Aegon VI. House Codd, helping the Crown vainquishing the Greyjoys, had no choice but to flee the Iron Islands, settling far from home, but close to the sea, and converting to the Faith of the Sevens in the process. House Codd is decently wealthy due to its role in the obsidian industry around 300 AC.

Cotter Codd was born in 585 AC, to Lord Rodrik Codd and his lady wife, Mya Tollett. Young Cotter quickly mastered the long bow, and showed promises with axes, until the unfortunate death of his Lord Father in a Finger Dance accident in 592 AC. In 593 AC, Cotter made his first trip across the Narrow Sea, visiting Pentos. From then on, Cotter devoted time to his passion of commanding a ship, while is mother served as his regent. Her passing in 598 AC brought him back to Sweetport Sound, and he started assuming his responsabilities as a Lord. He fathered a sickly bastard son, Rodrik Waters, in 600 AC.

Family and Characters of InterestEdit

Father: Lord Rodrik Codd (deceased)

Mother: Lady Mya Tollett (deceased)

Sibling: Dagmer Codd, 16 (alive)

Sibling: Walder Codd, 14, semi-halfwit (alive)

Son: Rodrik Waters, 4, bastard (alive)

Uncle: Guncer Codd, 41, part time Castellan (alive)

Cousin: Asha Codd, 20, married to Ser Wyman Parnell (alive)

Master-at-arms: Ser Waymar Sand, 57, nicknamed "The Desert Spear" (alive)

Captain of the guard: Ser Wyman Parnell, 35 (alive)