Dake Tyrell is the third son of Garth Tyrell and Myranda Rowan.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Dake looks like a Tyrell through and through. He has brown curly hair, slightly long, and golden eyes. He is around 5'8, built athletically, and usually walks around with a confident gait and a smirk on his face. He is rarely serious, constantly japing and joking with everyone, especially his family. Although he may not outwardly show it, except through constant teasing and japes, he does care a lot for his family.

History Edit

He was born the third son of Garth Tyrell and Myranda Rowan. He grew up in the shadow of his older brother Garlan, less so with his second-eldest brother Mace. Him and Mace grew up close together, and Dake did not have a bad relationship with Garlan either. His relationship with Serra, however, was different. Dake took a special pleasure in teasing her, calling her names such as Serra the Maiden and various other things. As he grew up, he was trained in the art of riding, along with swordplay and archery. He was not near as talented as his older brothers, but deemed as an above average swordsman and a good rider. He has a fancy for Cedra Graceford, a girl who grew up in Highgarden alongside his younger sister Serra.

Dake was known as mischievous when he was younger, he was once beaten so hard he couldn't stand because he went out for a midnight ride and was found missing the next morning, sleeping under an apple tree; half eaten fruit in hand. Another time, at the age of fifteen, he was found exchanging a peck on the lips with a serving girl, he was then confined to his quarters with some elderly maester and forced to study almost all day for a whole week. His separation from the outside world, and along with it hawking, riding, and hunting, was the worst punishment he could have gotten.

Family Edit

Father, Lord Garth Tyrell, 56 years of age

Mother, Myranda Rowan, 39 years of age

Eldest Brother, Ser Garlan Tyrell, 24, wields the Valyrian Steel blade Red Rose

Second Eldest Brother, Mace Tyrell, 21

Younger Sister, Serra Tyrell, age 13