Dale SeaworthEdit


Lord Dale Seaworth, the Lord across the Water. An intrepid merchant, Dale is a descendant of the famous smuggler Davos Seaworth. Davos Seaworth, Hand of King Stannis, was the man who returned Rickon Stark to the North. In the meanwhile, Stannis defeated the Boltons in the Battle of Winterfell killing Roose and Ramsay, the Bolton line continuing with the child of Walda Frey. Stannis would later sucumb to his wounds in the harsh winter. Davos was given passage to Tyrosh by the Manderlyys who were grateful for his help in returning Rickon. Since that time the Seaworths grew in stature as merchants. Dale's father Kevan secured major alliances with the trade networks of the Free Cities. The immensly wealthy Seaworths remain loyal to the "extinct" Baratheon line. Dale Seaworth, the family's patriarch would finally meet a Baratheon in the from of Steffon Storm. Dale would invest his and his family's wealth in securing his place on the Iron Throne of Westeros.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Dale Seaworth is three and twenty. He has wavy light brown hair which extends to the base of his neck and brilliant green eyes. He doesn't wear a beard but sometimes sports some stubble which is darker than his hair. While athletic, Dale's physical interest tend more to games than to combat. After receiving training in Braavos, when traveling in hostile lands Dale tends to wear light armor and favor two daggers over a sword. He prefers to avoid combat entirely, but he is no pacifist by any means. Dale is cunning and can be ruthless when required, ensuring the continued success.


  • Kevan Seaworth, Father - 66 / Deceased
  • Mya Seaworth, Mother - 62 / Deceased
  • Robert Seaworth, Brother - 36 / Deceased
  • Shireen Seaworth, Sister - 32
  • Maric Seaworth, Twin Brother - 20 / Deceased
  • Dale Seaworth - 23
  • Stannis Seaworth, Brother - 19