Edric with the Golden Company before a battle in the Disputed Lands.

Edric Connington is the Lord of Storm's End and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. He spent most of his adult life in Essos fighting with the Golden Company.

History Edit

Edric was born as the third son of Lord Janos Connington and Lady Jeyne Dondarrion. As a child he was often overlooked for the benefit of his brother the heir of Griffin's Roost. On his sixth nameday he was sent to Blackhaven to be fostered by the Dondarrions. There he learned the art of war from the master-at-arms, and his grandfather Lord Dondarrion. Though he was taught how to fight with swords young Edric preferred to fight with a battle axe.

At age seventeen he left Blackhaven and stayed with his brother Arthur who, as the heir to Storm's End, had taken up residence at Griffin's Roost. After serving as Captain of the guard for three years Edric decided to travel to Essos. He spent a year in Lys whoring about and making new friends within the city. Most notably he became friends with a number of serjeants working for the Golden Company. After a year Edric had gone almost completely broke, and he decided to enlist wit the Golden Company. For nearly a decade he fought as a member of the Golden Company in hundreds of battles. Edric rose to the rank of Lieutenant before leaving the sellsword company.

Shortly after Edric's 31st nameday he was once again recalled to Storm's End for the wedding of his brother Arthur. Upon arriving at Storm's End word arrived that his older brother Lewyn had been lost at sea during a devastating storm. After the wedding Edric stayed at Storm's End as the master-at-arms for his father. Tragedy struck the Connington's again a year later when Arthur's wife died during childbirth. Distraught with depression Arthur took his own life, diving into Shipbreaker Bay in full plate armor. Wanting to return to Essos once more, Edric was persuaded to take his brother's seat at Griffin's Roost as his Lord Father's heir. 

As all bad things happen in 3's, tragedy struck once more at the untimely death of Lord Janos. The man had fallen into a deep depression at the sudden losses of two of his beloved sons. He fell ill with a sickness and died within a year of Arthur. Edric now, at age 33, found himself Lord of Storm's End and thrown into the Westerosi politics he had avoided most of his life.

Appearance Edit

Edric was the largest of his brothers at a daunting 6'4" with a strong muscular build from years of wielding his mighty battle axe. He has long brown hair that he often wears tied back in a pony tail. He also sports a thick brown beard that makes him look more like a Northern lord then the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. He wields a large battle axe named Talon. The twin blades are marked with designs that make the them look like the wings of a griffin, and it is said he ties the feather of an eagle around the shaft of his axe for every victory in battle.