Edrick is the Lord Of Wolf's Den.A descendent of Lord Rickon's fourth son.

Knight of the Wolf Clan by ChaosWolf01

Edrick Stark (25) born 579AC in Wolf's Den

Appearance Edit

Edrick is a tall figure around 1.85 meters,he is strongly built with dark brown hair and gray eyes.He is not beautiful but he is comely he has a strong jaw and stiffen look and a long face.Edrick always carries with him his predecessors sword called White Knife it is a bastard sword of castle forged steel that even after 300 years is sharp as the day it was forged its pummel is plain since Lord Edmure decreed when he had it made that it was only a tool to make his work easier,but its was changed many times over the years but in its newest restoration it has a oak grip and the cross guard is inlaid with old gold.Edrick in his armour looks formidable he has a mail and a fullplate armour with a cloak showing his banner.

Sigil number 2.2


Early Life:Edit

Son of the late Lord of Wolf's Den Jorah Stark.Named When he was little his father would always tell him how in the past Wolf's Den was such a dark and gloomy place.Overrun with moss and walls that crumbled down when Edmure Stark had gotten it,but thanks to the Umbers new walls were built and they are still standing here.He had always been close with his little brother but he knew his brother had been jealous of his right to inherit the stronghold.His father intended for him to be a warrior so his early years were spent with clunks of wood on wood in the yard of Wolf's Den.His mother was from a unimportant line still he loved her very much.Named after one of the kings of winter Edrick always strived to be sung like he was to rule for one hundred years.He had rarely gotten visits from other Starks when he was a child and he always knew why no matter how much you fix the castle you are still a lord of a small stronghold.But Umbers came each year to celebrate the day the Umbers came with stone to rebuild the new walls called the Giants Clothes.His father always taught him to be humble and just but he knew no patience for people who called his father Lord of the Prison.The mocking name was made over 300 years when Edmure was given Wolf's Den,higher lords had mocked Edmure and continued to mock his successors even when one could pass by it and find himself confused as to where Wolf Den is.

His father hired a sellsword to teach him how to fight when he couldn't and that person is currently the master of arms of Wolf's Den and Edric head of household guard his name was Jon Dust.He never squired for anyone nor did he regret it by the time he had inherited Wolf's Den he was a fearsome fighter. He was taught by the previous master of arms in the fair ways of combat but when Jon was teaching him he showed him all the sly moves that could save your life.When he had inherited Wolf's Den he placed Jon as the head of his personal guard and master of arms for Wolf's Den and one of his personal advisor's.Edrick wasn't a Ser Barristan the Bold but he was good he used his size as a weapon to make vicious cuts.

When his father had died he had been aboard a trading vessel learning the trade and making friends he was on a voyage that lasted 6 months so not until he came back he did not know he was a lord now when the ship anchored in the harbour men knelt and said Lord the ship that he was on was Wolf's Claw his father's ship and now his.

A Song Begins:Edit

Edrick's father has been dead for two years but he still seems as he needs his guidance.Edrick has big plans for Wolf's Den seeing as it still misses a port and watchtowers.He has recently been summoned to Winterfell due to death of his kin and his liege lord.

He was also named the Lord of the Port or Dockmaster by Harold Manderly while they were both at Winterfell. And he is currently with King Walton and Qhorin Umber visiting the clansmen.


Edrick is just and humble he knows how much he has and how much he can do he can take a drink but does not take lightly to japes that he is a part of.He strives to finish his predecessor's work and to turn Wolf's Den into a real Den.The only time when he takes japes lightly is when he is drunk and even then he wont tolerate all of them.