Edwyn Frey is the son of Ryman Frey, the Bastard Lord, and a whore named Hilda. He is the Lord of the Crossing and of House Frey after his family's deaths.


Edwyn was the end of many insults and japes since his birth due to his father being a drunken, legitimized bastard and his mother being a whore turned Lady of the Crossing. His father neglected him, and his drunkness turned into an addiction once Hilda, his wife, died in childbirth, leaving his children to fend for themselves.

Unlike his brothers, who were sure to be warriors until their deaths, he was bookish and could be found often iwith Maester Farwyn, learning his letters or even High Valyrian. He could read the names "Daenerys Targaryen" and "Orys Baratheon" by the time he was five, and memorized the names of all the houses in Westeros, including some of their lords, by the time he was ten.

He was also quite lonely. His brothers Steffon and Gared didn't care for reading, and his sisters Genna and Elia only cared about marrying high lords, so he sought other companions. At the age of eight, he kept around a dog named "Woof" for the sound he made. His brother Gared was annoyed at hearing barking during the night, so one time, while Edwyn was on the bridge, Gared took Woof and threw him into the river to die, severing any brotherly love between Edwyn and Gared. Edwyn cursed Gared's name in his prayers to the Faith of the Seven sometimes, but regretted it when Gared, along with Steffon, Genna, and his father Ryman, all died from the pox when Edwyn was thirteen. He never prayed again.

At the age of fourteen, Edwyn was the Lord of the Crossing. Maester Farwyn soon became a father figure to Edwyn, often critisizing him for working too hard and helping him with ravens and the ruling of his lands. Edwyn soon realized how badly his father had ruined their house, almost bankrupted it and rarely made anyone pay the toll. No one respected the Frey's of the Crossing. By the time Edwyn was sixteen, the Frey's were one of the wealthiest and most powerful vassals of the Tully's, but certainly not the most loyal, as Edwyn had a mind to become Lord Protector of the Riverlands. To gain influence, Edwyn married off his last family left, Carolei, to Garreth Mallister, estranging her from him, and making him lose the last family he had.

At the age of seventeen to now, Edwyn ruled the Crossing with an iron fist, exacting high tolls upon anyone who wished to cross his bridge. He's despised throughout the Seven Kingdoms, as most have not forgotten the Red Wedding and so they distrust him.

Upon the death of Lord Tully in an accident on horseback, Edwyn Frey is named Lord Regent of the Riverlands, until the young Robyn Tully comes of age.


He is of medium height, with the build of a catamount; lean, and hard as stone, with signs of weariness. His eyes are grey; cold, but devious. His hair is of medium length and brown, usually in disarray. Due to all the wedding of bastards and legitimization of bastards for heirs, the weaselly look of House Frey has been reduced drastically.


Ryman Frey; father, deceased

Hilda Frey; mother, deceased

Steffon Frey; brother, deceased

Gared Frey; brother, deceased

Genna Frey; sister, deceased

Carolei Frey; sister