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House Estermont is a noble house and one of the great family's in the Stormlands. The Estermonts have a hisory of great naval activity and they are sworn to the conningtons of Storm's End. Their coat of arms depicts a great sea turtle on a pale green background and their words are Raise your shields!

Seat of power: Greenstone Edit

Greenstone castle is located on the isle of Estermont in the eastern storm lands in the narrow sea. The castle of Greenstone is made solely out of white limestone, and has very thick walls surroun the building. The white walls are decorated with ivy and other plants giving it a green touch. The castle has only breached once in it's long history,but to this day it's still in the possession of the lords that first build it, the Estermonts.

Many describe Greenstone as the shell of a turtle due to the giant round dome that is the keep behind the great limestone walls. Two great towers are to be found withing the walls of the keep, one looking out to the sea and an other looking out to the town right in front of Greenstone.


On the inside Greenstone's rather cold, and people describe the atmosphere as moist due it's proximity to the sea. When entering the dome a great fireplace int center of the room lights the feasting hall. The upper level of the castle is only accessed by Estermonts,their relatives and the maester. Guests and visitors stay in the lower levels of the castle.

Family and upkeep Edit

Remi Estermont, 56 Lord of Greenstone.

Sebastian Estermont, 18 Heir to Greenstone.

Maester Edward, 26 Maester of Greenstone.

Old gilbert, 59 Captain of the the bannerman and navy commander.

Notable: Remi Estermont was the only son of Rogen Estermont. He and Sebastian Estermont are the last of the Estermont name.

History Edit

Events after the song of Ice and fire. Edit

The Estermonts were one of the first houses to fall after the invasion of Aegon VI Targaryen. The golden company under the command of Marq Mandrake were the first to conquer Greenstone, taking it from it's ancient lords for the first and the only time in Greenstone's history. After the targaryens took the crown, the Estermonts were given their ancestral home back. The Estermonts still remember this act of kindness by the Lord paramount Connington and are loyal vasal to them ever since.

First Era following ASOIAF.

The Estermonts were in a feud with the Selmy's of Harvest Hall due trade disagreements. Harvest hall refused for the first time to trade grain for fish, and instead demanded coin for it's supplies. The Estermont family declined and started trading grain for fish with houses from the reach, this ended up in violence between the two parties. The violence ended after the two lords of their respective castle got themselves killed in a battle and Connington of Storm's end demanded a treaty. Eversince, the Estermonts are trading with the Selmy's again but are very suspicious of them.

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I do not own any of these names and information. This is a fanmade history and all credit goes to GRR Martin who wrote the Song of ice and fire. Non of this information can be considered canon.