Mace Tyrell is the current Heir to Brightwater Keep.

Mace Tyrell-1

Mace was born the second son of Garth Tyrell and Myranda Rowan, but was not cursed with the usual jealousy of second sons due to his future lordship of Brightwater Keep, a castle and land that he is fond of. No, in fact, he and both of his brothers have very good relationships. His childhood was spent swordfighting with Garlan in the Highgarden training yard and japing and reading with his little brother Dake, lessening the jealousy that his youngest brother had for his eldest. His relationship with his sister wasn't bad either.

From birth he was taught how to rule his lands. He knows that being honorable is not the answer to everything, and so honor is of no concern to him. Instead, he focuses on using any means necessary to complete a task.

As he began to grow older, and his attractions and lusts for women grew, he began whoring. He loathes the idea of marriage, saying that if he married, he'd get bored of his wife and go off whoring even more. He believes that the common idea of seeing everything beautiful in nature before dying is likewise with women as well, and so he rarely fucks the same woman again in a whorehouse.

He also has a fondness for drinking and eating. Growing up in the Reach certainly hasn't remedied this, being a large producer of food and wine. But, his family has prevented him from turning into a full addict, however hard it was.

Unlike his brother, Mace isn't one for smiling and waving to crowds, or throwing roses down at the feet of his horse because it would make a good entrance. He instead believes that Garlan's habits are a mummer's farce, and that pretending you're too noble to shit makes everyone forget you are just as flawed and human as the rest of them. This is the way he inspires loyalty. Instead of pretending that he is a god come to life, he makes his people remember that he is just like them and that he will suffer with them through any horrors that may come to them.

Mace is blunt and will tell you the truth if there is no consequence to it. He freely admits his whoring and drinking, and would surely laugh at whatever jape you throw his way about it; he's had to, being that he has the ever japing Dake as his brother.


Mace has curly brown hair that is often kept messy and aloof, a physical reminder of how much he doesn't care about public image. His eyes are gold and surely meant for smiling. He is lean and strong and stands at 5'11.


Garth Tyrell, 56 years of age; father

Myranda Tyrell nee Rowan, 47 years of age; mother

Garlan Tyrell, 24 years of age; eldest brother

Dake Tyrell, 17 years of age; youngest brother

Serra Tyrell, 13 years of age; youngest sister