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Bryden ReedEdit

Born 579 AL in the north Bryden is the son of Lord Jon Reed. The late lord of Greywater Watch.


Son of Lord Jon Reed and Lady Alyce Reed. Bryden had only known the hardlife of the swamps of the Neck until the age of 8 when he was taken along with his Lord father on a visit to the Starks of Winterfell. Here he trained with the Master-at-arms while his farther discussed political matters with the Lord Paramount. The Lord Stark made a great impression on young Bryden and since that day he has greatly admired the Starks and is ferociously loyal

His Lord farther had groomed his son to one day be lord of Greywater Watch, being that he was his only heir. When his Lord father passed away the Lordship of the keep was passed to him. He has since proven himself to be a competant leader, inspiring loyalty in his troops and leading by example.


Bryden is lean build, he has short,curly brown hair and dark green eyes that see more than is shown. he is a plain man, not the source of maidens fantasies.

He is a Member of House Reed

Family Edit

Jon Reed (Deceased)

Alyce Reed (Deceased)