Rodir is a clan created by Rodrik, current King beyond the Wall.


Main members

  1. Rodrik, King beyond the wall (Leader, commands.)
  2. Myg the Watchful (Guard and Lookout, watches his tent.)
  3. Jon the Silver Tongued (Diplomat, does the trades.)
  4. Jack the Swift (Scout, does tracking or general scouting.)


  • 588AC - Rodir is created by Rodrik. The sigil is made, and land is claimed.
  • 589AC - Rodir and their starting members explored the land, and
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    Jack the Swift

recruited people.

  • 591AC - Rodrik meets Myg, who was there since the start, and friendship grows. Myg introduces him to Jon
  • 593AC - Rodir grows stronger after raiding villages and taking valuables and men.
  • 595AC - Rodir meets the Rayder clan, named after the old King Beyond the wall
  • 597AC - Rodir attacks smaller villages, and steals everything they had.
  • 599AC - Rodir got his diplomat Jon to trade valuables with all the tribes he knew for support.
  • 600AC - The men are trained and armed, and the other tribes are now on his side.
  • 603AC - Rodir and all the fellow clans march against Rayder. Battle lasts almost 7 months.
  • 604AC - The battle is won. Rodir is now the strongest clan in the land. Myg is wounded. This battle was dubbed "The March of the Tribes." Rodrik becomes King Beyond the Wall. The prisoners said he won with "Bribery, gold and backstabbing them." He turned these words into his tribe motto, "Betrayal and Gold."
  • 604AC - Current time. Myg cannot use his sword arm as well anymore, so he uses stolen daggers.+
  • 605AC - Rodrik marched into the land of one of the tribes who had not offered his support. Ran into some crows.


There is multiple groups for different uses. They aren't always used, unless needed.

  • The Ravens Eye (Scout) - Lead by Jack the Swift. Currently has 120 scouts, but only 10-30 are used at a time.
  • The Ravens Blade (Infantry) - Lead by Rodrik, the King beyond the Wall. Currently has 25,000 men. Armed with an Axe, Sword, Hammers, and other melee weapons.
  • The Ravens Eye (Archer) - Lead by Petyr the Deadeye. Currently has 5,000 archers.
  • The Ravens Wing (Cavalry) - Lead by Myg the Watchful. Currently has 1000 riders.


Everyone is equal in Rodir, except for Rodrik, who is King. The clothing is black and red, but the red is a secondary colour.  


 As of recently, Rodir adopted horn signals for commands so everyone could hear. 

3 Quick Bursts - Form up. The commanders raise torches equal to rows. 

2 Quick + 1 long - March 

1 continuous bursts - Attack 

Continous long bursts.- Retreat