Rodrik is the King beyond the Wall, and originally comes from Kings Landing.

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The King beyond the Wall


Rodrik took the black when he was 14, after murdering his father for abusing him. He was to be put to death, but he was sent to the wall. He never liked the wall, and wanted to escape the watch for all his days. From the wall, he was assigned to ranger after defeating the other brothers. He went with a party beyond the wall to look for lost artifacts carried by dead rangers. They found a wildling camp. He saw this as a chance to escape, and murdered his brothers. 

He joined the wildlings, and grew a sinister reputation among them. He partook in raids, and raised a fear among the rest. He slowly had them follow, from fear of being killed. However, most of them started to like him, as he was a great fighter, and now obey. 

He started his own tribe, named "Rodir", named after himself. They claimed their


Myg, the Watchful. Rodrik's guard and friend.

first piece of land near where he discovered them in the first place. They raided other clans, and grew to one of the stronger ones.

He became friends with one of his wildlings named Myg. He was a guard, even though they protected each other. Myg then introduced him to Jon, who is skilled at diplomacy.

As his clan grew strong, the other tribes flocked over to him. His tribe had grown huge, as they had paid and defeated his way to power.

With his power, he pretended to be allied with Rayder, the strongest tribe beyond the wall. When he didn't expect it, he marched, taking all the tribes with him.

Myg was wounded, but he won. Most tribes were on his side, so he became King beyond the Wall.

His big goal is to destroy Castle Black, as he hates the nights watch.



Jon, the Silver Tounged. Diplomat.

Rodrik's weapon of choice is a longsword, with a smaller sword incase. Rodrik has a tough, fearsome build, a tough face, and black hair to his shoulders. He has a beard covering the bottom section of his face.

He is currently 36, and been a wildling since 20.