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Addam Dayne. The oldest son of Allyria and Deziel Dayne. He grew up spoiled rotten and often he would throw tantrums when things if ignored or his ideas not used.  As an adult not much seems to have changed in this manner.

Addam is aged nineteen and has silvery hair just past his shoulders, he also bears violet eyes and is well built.

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Lord Dayne grew up in his family's ancestral home of Starfall. As a child he often admired the power of the soldiers and kingsguard, hoping to join their ranks and join their ranks he did.

At the age of 13 he began to squire for Lord Arryn. To be short. He despised the experience. He believed he was far above cleaning and preparing weapons for others. Quickly enough though, he rose through the ranks becoming a knight and eventually was deemed worthy of wielding House Dayne's ancestral sword, Dawn and thus became the sword of the morning.

This was a role that Dayne found suitable for himself. He was a star amongst dirt. It was obvious that his sword was to be the same. However, Addam felt he need more. He deserved it. It was his right. Westeros needed a king as brave, beautiful and strong as himself. There was clearly no other option.

Many of Addam's family privately think that the young man has a lot to answer for. To them he seems deluded almost to the point of fanaticism. But to speak out against him would incur the young Sword and his faithful army's endless wrath. Family meant nothing to the man. His troops were drawn by his charismatic good looks, boundless strength and promise of power. 

Behind this façade lies a man driven near mad in his quest for glory, often using anyone and anything in his path ruthlessly to achieve his goals. These have included his women and some of this numbers, subsequent bastards, his friends and family.

Anyone that stands in Addam’s way will be cut down. Addam Dayne is playing the Game of Thrones. And he intends to win.

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